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end of the year Highlights
november 26  shamata (calm abiding) meditation plus

Deity Practice in Tibetan Buddhism

Lama Yeshe in Tibet

Sunday November 26nd  10am -12:30pm.

Lama Tsultrim Yeshe will explain the importance of Deity Practice in the Vajrayana Path of Tibetan Buddhism.  Shamata (Calm Abiding) Meditation will be performed by the group with meditation instruction available if needed.

december 3  white tara group practice plus

An Explanation of the 5 Buddha Families 

Lama Yeshe in shrine room at Hay River KTC

Sunday December 3   10am -12:30pm.

The Five Buddha Families play a prominent role in Vajrayana Buddhism. The head of each Buddha Family represents a particular negative emotion and an associated enlightened wisdom. They are visualized in different colors and are frequently used in mandalas. The practices that we do here at the center (White Tara, Amitabha, and the 1000 Arm Chenrezig or Nyungne) include these visualizations.

The group will perform the White Tara practice.

click here for more about the White Tara practice

december 10  shamata (calm abiding) meditation plus

Death, Dying, and Rebirth -continued 

Lama Yeshe with Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche

Sunday December 10   10am -12:30pm.

This is the third in a series of classes on Death, Dying, and Rebirth.  The topics will include: working with others that are dying, the bardo, handling the body, prayers, and offering lamps.  There will be group Meditaiton practice (with instructions if needed).


Tuesday Night Classes
Eau Claire Dharma Book Study

Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Eau Claire, WI

The Eau Claire book class with Lama Yeshe continues. The Tuesday night classes are held in the lower level of the UU Congregational Building located at 421 Farwell Street in Eau Claire. The text is  The Three Vehicles of Buddhist Practice by Thrangu Rinpoche.  There is a suggested donation of $25 a month, but no one will be turned away if unable to pay.


“Buddhism for Inmates”

Lama Yeshe in front of the Jackson Correctional Institution.

Lama Yeshe  teaches and offers meditation instruction two or three times per month at the prison,  Jackson Correctional Institution, where he spent eight years as a chaplain.   Closed teaching for inmates only.

Ongoing Sunday Schedule

The Hay River KTC has a regular Sunday Practice schedule with Lama Tsultrim Yeshe.  We alternate between Shamata (Calm Abiding Meditation) and the deity practices of White Tara and Chenrezig.

White Tara

Lama Yeshe is available for meditation instruction and personal consultation.  This can be set up with him personally; the Lama can be reached at (715) 949-1407 by phone, or at

Our Sunday programs start at 10am.  On the Sundays when Lama Yeshe is in residence there is usually a talk or a book chat following from 11:30-12:30.   Lama Yeshe will present a series of teachings after practice this fall with a focus on deity practice.  He will cover why they are done and where they fit on the Buddhist path.  He will give practice instruction on both White Tara & Amitabha.  These are two of the deity practices done regularly at the center. Consult the calendar above for more specific information.

Hay River KTC is also one of the few Dharma Centers in the US that offers the Nyungne fasting and purification practice on a regular basis. This is entirely due to Lama Tsultrim Yeshe, who makes this amazing practice available to us.

More about the Nyungne practice at Hay River KTC here.